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Time Change Note...
Old 03-06-2017, 03:42 PM
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Default Time Change Note...

With the time change coming next weekend, it is that time of year again when the bikes start to come out of hibernation in the evenings. Most of the area groups will start riding the week after next. They will start between 6 and 6:15 for the most part.

I am just posting this as a courtesy to inform that it will be happening.

Most of the groups in the area have been working on getting riders to be a little more aware of the cars around them, but at the same time it is worth noting some of the laws as a reminder:

* A speed limit is an upper limit, no surface street has a minimum speed.
* A bicycle is a vehicle by GA law, and has the same rights as a car with a few exceptions.
* Bicycles MAY operate 2 abreast.
* Cars may pass a bike on a double yellow, provided they do not impact oncoming traffic in ANY way.
* Cars must give bikes on the roads a minimum of 3 feet of space when passing.
* Bikes may NOT ride on sidewalks (unless otherwise marked and designated as a bike path.
* Bikes may use a paved shoulder, but are not required to.
* Bikes are not required to use a bike lane or bike path if it is present.
* Bikes are to ride as far to the right as practicable, except when:
-- Turning Left
-- Avoiding hazards (debris, unsafe pavement, etc)
-- Lane is too narrow to share safely with a vehicle (lane less than 12 feet wide)
-- Traveling at the same speed as traffic.
-- Exercising Due care passing another vehicle ( or bike )
-- There is a right turn only lane and the bike is not turning right.

In addition, GA Law 16-11-37 ( Terroristic threats and acts ) has been applied to using a car to threaten cyclists (engine revving, brake checking, deliberate crowding, etc ). The penalties are quite stiff.

Lastly a couple of things about common complaints.

* Rolling a Red light, while it is something that is discouraged and often discussed, it does happen. Usually with stragglers that don't know the routes well and a light changes while a group is proceeding. Yes, it's illegal, yes it's stupid. The cycling community is working hard to get the word out to not do this. Many of the routes are being marked on the pavement to try and minimize this.

* Running stop signs, again, discouraged and often discussed within the community. With larger groups, there is a frequent choice to move through stops as a group, for the sole purpose of minimizing traffic impact, as following the letter of the law, a 20 bike group would take 10 turns through the stop rotation to clear an intersection.

On a final note, keep in mind that though frustration and anger goes both ways when either motor vehicle drivers or cyclists break laws. But roadway fatalities are rarely if ever caused by a cyclist. A cyclist bad behavior can cause frustration and annoyance. A motor vehicle driver bad behavior can cause death in a very big hurry.

Again, there are several local advocacy groups that are working with cyclists to try and curb some of the worst behaviors, but just like car drivers, even amongst cyclists, there are those that will ride/drive as if they are above the rules, speeding, rolling lights, signs, tail gating, honking and screaming and yelling at others for not doing what THEY think is right.

If needed, I can provide rough routes that you can expect to find cyclists on, but I suspect most of the residents are already intimately familiar with them.
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